Top 5 Free (or almost free) Things I Do To Help Get Through A Rough Day

There are many things that can help improve symptoms of Fibromyalgia, even just a little – unfortunately, lots of them can be pretty pricey and sadly out of reach for many people. However, there are things that you can do that are cheap… or even free, my favorite! Below is a list I have put together of my top 5 things that I do to help ease symptoms when I am in a flare. These all cost next to nothing and don’t take too much effort!

Top 5 free (or almost free) things I do to help get through a rough day:

  1. SHOWER OR BATH. The hotter the better! I love to soak my tired, sore body in hot water, I usually add things like essential oils or salts/magnesium powders. I find my muscles get pretty tight and painful, so while this does not take away all my pain, it at least gives my muscles some relief.

Downside – hot water makes my back and legs itchy as fuck. I have found Stop Itch to help give me some relief.

  1. BED. If it is possible I will spend a LOT of the day in bed. This can become uncomfortable and I have to change sides constantly due to hip pain and restless legs, but rest is SO important for our bodies, sneaking in a nap or just getting to lay down for a while can help us heal.

Downside – too much time spent in bed can make my depression worse and also make my body stiff and sore.

  1. HEAT PACKS. These can be great for relieving pain. I use these on my hips, shoulders, neck and the small ones for my hands. If I have used my hands a lot during the day I like to put a couple of hand warmers in a pair of gloves; this soothes my sore hand muscles and saves me a lot of pain the next day.

Downside – who can be bothered getting up to heat up a heat pad everytime it cools down?

  1. CLOSE THE BLINDS AND PUT ON SOME MUSIC. During a flare I can become more sensitive to light, just like a vampire. I keep my house as dark as possible on these days. I can also be sensitive to sounds, so putting on some relaxing music helps me to find calm and to get myself into a better headspace.

Downside – People tend to think I live in a bat cave, and sometimes even relaxing music can irritate me.

  1. MEDITATION. This is something I love to do and it can help massively with shifting the focus from a sore tired body to a calm happy mind. I burn some incense or diffuse some oils, cuddle up in some pillows, wrap up in a blanket and zone out from the world.

Downside – The world doesn’t always allow me to zone out and my mental health can make it hard to reach a calm, happy place.

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.

Christopher Germer

As you can see there are pros and cons for everything. I guess it is about figuring out for yourself if the benefits outweigh any possible downside. These are just a few that I find helpful for me; they won’t help everyone (for example I know some people can’t even listen to relaxing music when in a flare as they become ULTRA sound sensitive). I would love to hear more ideas/suggestions from you guys if you would like to leave a comment or send an email.! We are a community and together we can grow, sharing our knowledge and looking after each other… and most importantly ourselves.

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