Droplets Of Gold

CBD oil can be a bit of a controversial subject, but it’s one that needs to be talked about because of the potential benefits it can bring to chronic pain sufferers. Whether you are initially for or against, it is definitely at least worth looking deeper into so you can make a fully educated decision for yourself. And anyway, you can’t knock it till you try it, right?

Before we get down into the benefits and my own personal experiences with it, I guess we should learn more about what it actually is! CBD oil is an oil (surprise) created by extracting cannabidiol from cannabis or hemp plants. It contains a high quantity of CBD and may contain very little or no THC. Depending on what type of plant, cannabis or hemp, and the method of extraction, the CBD oil you get will have different medicinal properties. CO2 extraction is the cleanest method of creating CBD oil but will also be the most expensive.

Now, I thought I’d best check some studies to be able to offer some proper evidence-based advice. Medicinal marijuana is getting a lot more of the spotlight lately, and with the current decriminalising and even legalising of marijuana in many places more studies are being done on the potential health benefits… lucky for us, this means the effect CBD can have on fibro is getting looked into a lot more lately! So, I read this study HERE that concludes that medical cannabis treatment does have a significant favourable effect on patients with fibromyalgia, with few adverse effects. That is about as “academic” as you are going to get from me right now, but if you want to look into this further I recommend Google Scholar – search “CBD oil and fibromyalgia” then change the dates to 2010-2020 to read the most recent studies! 

When I first considered CBD oil as an option I was a bit hesitant; I did not know much about it and whilst I had dabbled with weed back in the day, it was never something that agreed with me because I could not cope with the paranoia and dizziness! I started my research, trawled through the groups – and after reading so many good stories and digging deeper into it I realised it was definitely worth a shot. Then I find out that in Australia if I was to get a script from my GP (which is very common and easily done these days) I would literally be up for hundreds of dollars a month… what the fuck!? Hesitant about taking the plunge for something that far out of my sustainable price range I dug around online and found a university located in Australia that I could order some from, and it was comparatively cheap – so I went for it. I ordered CBD oil for $30, received it and used it for a while. What were the effects? Minimal, to be honest, which is unsurprising I discovered that it was not quality stuff and it was not tested for potency, so while I think it helped me a little, it could have been a placebo effect. There was an option to order the stronger (and more psychoactive) CBD + THC, but without proper testing I just couldn’t bring myself to go there. 

So what other options are out there for those of us who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars a year? I looked into getting a magic butter machine to make my own then decided that yeah I probably shouldn’t do that, knowing my luck I would get busted using it haha! Another option is to order from the USA and there are some good groups that can give you the best advice on how to do so, but again, I am totally hesitant about getting something sent in the mail.

“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.”

John Muir

I guess until there are massive changes in Australia relating to legislation and pricing then I might never truly know the full effect that CBD oil can have on Fibro symptoms. In the meantime, I will continue searching for ways to access this at a reasonable cost… because honestly,  if you could be offered pain relief from a natural plant over a pill full of god knows what, how could you refuse?

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