You Just Like Me Cause I’m Good In Bed

Pretty much everyone with Fibro will understand how much time is spent in bed. Be it sleeping from what feels like all day (but never enough) or simply resting our eternally aching bodies, we are in there a lot. For example, completely outside of my usual agonized hips/shoulders/everything, I hurt my knee today. Swollen, bruised, the works. What was I doing? I… stood up. That’s it. I literally have a swollen bruised knee from standing up. Sometimes bed really is the place to be! 

So, what is it we do with all this time, are we living the life? Hah! Yeah, nah – we are not by any means living it up. Fatigue and pain make sure it is as unenjoyable as possible.

Praise the good lord for Netflilix, my first place winner of what to do when you are stuck in bed… I have watched some amazing shows over the years (and some absolute shit, but hey, can’t win them all) and there is always something to devour to pass the time away. My own personal favs are documentaries on true crime and history. I absolutely love learning all this cool shit I never knew about… until I forget it all the next week! Some other TV series I’ve enjoyed and highly recommend if you’ve not discovered them yet are Vikings, Dark, Queen of the South, The Umbrella Academy, Dead to Me, The Good Place… I could keep going but the list is loooooooooooong. The one I am binging at the moment is Cobra Kai, fucking hilarious! Especially for those old enough to have grown up with Karate Kid. As for movies, I’ll pretty much watch anything as long as it isn’t scary.

Running a mighty close second place comes my Xbox, I love it. Back in the day I was a bit more serious about my gaming, but these days I play games with my kids so now it’s all about the Roblox and Minecraft! These games can suck you in and time can fly by, but I am admittedly looking forward to when my son can play more grown up games (yeah, I’m sure I’ll regret saying that when he’s kicking my ass). While watching some YouTuber kid my son came across a game called Human Fall Flat; we have since spent quite a few hours pissing ourselves laughing while playing this game. Making great memories here! Still possible from bed.

The third most popular way I keep myself occupied would be the classic reading and writing. I used to enjoy reading non fiction but these days I only really read self help/spiritual books; I have a few books on changing your thinking to the positive, DBT books for my BPD, Eckhart Tolle is a favourite (thanks, Uncle Chris) and Buddhist, Tibetan books. As for writing, well, here I am on my laptop talking to you guys! I have a desk set up next to my bed and try to do most of my writing there but sometimes when I cbf I just curl up in bed and type. It is a good release and it keeps my brain active so I am not turning into a complete brainless zombie, although I do feel that way a lot of days!

The final one would be… planning! I plan for everything. I have notebooks and whiteboards and plans all over the place; not that it helps me remember everything too well, but it helps me get things out of my brain and onto paper, which makes me feel more organised. I love lists and I love making plans for that wondrous day in the future (that may never come) where I will feel good enough to get shit done. Sometimes my lists are so simple they consist of things like “get out of bed”, “have a shower” and “be kind to yourself”, and they really do help – we always need a reminder to treat ourselves gently, and that even the small wins are wins. Maybe you aren’t usually a list writer, but it’s worth a shot; plans are always something that can help motivate you or even just help you feel a little better knowing it has been written down and maybe, just maybe your tomorrow will be a tiny bit easier.

 “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

I am sure there are many, many more things that can be done to pass time, like when your partner is around *wink wink*… so I would love to hear from you guys! What kind of things do you enjoy doing while stuck in bed feeling sorry for yourselves? I sometimes feel like I need to upgrade my bed to one of those fabulously fancy beds for Queens, as it is my throne. I definitely get my best work done there! 😉

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