We Are What We Eat?

Eating a healthy diet is good for all health conditions. Our body needs vitamins and nutrients to thrive and heal. Some people believe that if you follow particular ways of eating it can even eliminate disease… including Fibro. I myself am not that convinced of that last part, though. Sure, I believe wholeheartedly that aContinue reading “We Are What We Eat?”

The Silence That Isn’t Golden

Living with invisible illnesses can be a difficult thing. When others can’t SEE your pain and you struggle to explain it to them, how is anyone expected to understand? Along with Fibromyalgia and my more recent diagnosis I also suffer from a few mental health conditions, all of these being invisible. Sometimes it is clearContinue reading “The Silence That Isn’t Golden”

Doin’ It For Ourselves

A hobby, something you enjoy doing just for yourself, is a fantastic way to both pass time and to feel a real sense of achievement. Having Fibromyalgia however, completely ruined mine.  I love creating things and have always been pretty crafty. One day I decided I wanted to give some furniture a makeover – thatContinue reading “Doin’ It For Ourselves”

Top 5 Free (or almost free) Things I Do To Help Get Through A Rough Day

There are many things that can help improve symptoms of Fibromyalgia, even just a little – unfortunately, lots of them can be pretty pricey and sadly out of reach for many people. However, there are things that you can do that are cheap… or even free, my favorite! Below is a list I have putContinue reading “Top 5 Free (or almost free) Things I Do To Help Get Through A Rough Day”

The Queen Of Wishful Thinking

Many people think that once you get your Fibromyalgia diagnosis, that’s it. You have fibro, and you can then move forward and attempt to manage it. Well, I wish it were that simple. As I was about to find out after my diagnosis – fibro is blessed with a LOT of comorbidities. Some of theContinue reading “The Queen Of Wishful Thinking”

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

Looking into medications to treat Fibro, I became aware of how truly scary it all is. “Why can’t there be a magic pill that cures all?!” I would cry to myself… of course nothing is ever that simple, especially when it comes to Fibro. I would see a post asking for advice on a certainContinue reading “You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round”

Walk It Off

How many times have you heard “just go for a walk and you will feel better?”  Trying to explain Fibromyalgia to family and friends was surprisingly difficult; I mean how do you explain to someone something YOU don’t even understand? After learning more about it my symptom list grew loooooong. So many things I hadContinue reading “Walk It Off”